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University shall undertake many research projects related to Homoeopathy and other paramedical fields. In its course curriculum, University has research projects like Drug Proving, clinical research drug and disease oriented, drug verification and standardization, drug action, drug contents, application of Homoeopathic drugs on animals and plants etc. University is also open for Indian and foreign collaboration on research projects

Student Dissertation Practice of Medicine List

Student Name Guide Name Title Batch
Dr. Amanpreet Singh Chabrra DR. VIRENDRA CHAUHAN A study to explore the role of Aletris Farinosa 30C in cases of Menorrhagia with Iron Deficiency Anaemia 2018
Dr. Apurva Dixit DR. ASHOK YADAV Effectiveness of three lesser known Homoeopathic Medicines Histaminum Hydrochloricum, Ictodes Foetida & Sinapis Nigra in the cases of Allergic Rhinitis selected on the basis of etiology, A Study 2018
Dr. Bhupendra Arya DR. VIRENDRA CHAUHAN Effectiveness of individualized Homoeopathic Medicine in cases of Tinea Corporis using DLQI Scale 2018
Dr.Kanika Agarwal DR. ASHOK YADAV A study on effectiveness of Homoeopathic Medicines in management of Urolithiasis as a constitutional approach vs therapeutic approach 2018
Dr. Pravishtha Awasthi DR. ASHOK YADAV A randomised control trial of auxiliary measures on Frozen Shoulder using Shoulder Pain & Disability Index- A Study 2018
Dr. Yogita Jangid DR. VIRENDRA CHAUHAN Astudy to assess the effectiveness of homoeopathic lesser known medicines- Cassia Sophera, Cistus Canadensis, Eucalyptus Globulus in the treatment of cases of Bronchial Asthma 2018
Dr.Dharmendra Kumar Saini DR. VIRENDRA CHAUHAN Clinical verification of Eugenia Jambos medicine in cases of Acne Vulgaris. 2019
Dr. Garima Choudhary DR. ASHOK YADAV A randomised controlled trial to assess the efficacy of Luffa Operculata vis ?a ?vis Homoeopathic individualized remedy in case of chronic Rhino sinusitis using SNOT 22 questionnaire 2019
Dr. Navneet Kaur Brar DR. ASHOK YADAV A study to assess effectiveness of Eupionum 30 in cases of Leucorrhoea & auxiliary management in cases of Leucorrhoea 2019
Dr. Nipun Singh Dabi DR. VIRENDRA CHAUHAN A randomised comparative interventional study to assess the efficacy of individualised Homoeopathic Medicines & Terminalia Arjuna in cases of Primary Hypertension 2019
Dr. Priyanka Nagar Dr. SUVERA MOOLCHANDANI A study to assess the effectiveness of Homoeopathic treatment on the basis of contitutional approach in the cases of Osteoarthritis 2019
Dr. Sonu Mahiya DR. ASHOK YADAV Study to assess effectiveness of Homoeopathic Medicines with management in cases of Haemorrhoids versus auxillary management in cases of haemorrhoids 2019
Dr. Anandita Debnath DR. VIRENDRA CHAUHAN Effectiveness of individualized Homoeopathic Medicines in pain management in cases of Migraine using MIDAS Scale 2020
Dr. Bhavneet Chanana DR. VIRENDRA CHAUHAN individualized Homoeopathic Medicines vis ?a ?vis Chimaphila Umbellata in cases of Urinary tract infection using UTISA questionnaire 2020
Dr. Mansi Mishra DR. ASHOK YADAV A rsandomised comparative interventional studyto assess the efficacy of Belladonna & Bryonia Alba on inflammatory modulations produced in cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis through variations in C- Reactive Protein readings 2020
Dr. Pawan Choudhary DR. ASHOK YADAV A comparative study to assess the effectiveness of Homoeopathic Medicines Histaminum vis ?a-vis Formica Rufa in case of Urticaria 2020
Dr. Sakshi Sharma DR. ASHOK YADAV Efficacy of comparative study of Abroma Augusta & Helonias Diocia in cases of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus ? A Study 2020
Dr. Aditee Sharma DR. VIRENDRA CHAUHAN A study to access the role of individualized homoeopathy medicines in management of cases of PCOS 2021
Dr. Himani Shah DR.CHANDRA SHEKHAR SHARMA The Effectiveness of Homoeopathic Plant Extract Solution As An Add On Therapeutics In Cases Of Dyslipidemia:An Open Label Randomised Trial 2021
Dr. Jugnu Kumari DR. VIRENDRA CHAUHAN Homoeopathic Observational Study InThe Treatment Of Anal Fissure 2021
Dr. Khushi Jani DR. ASHOK YADAV A study to access the role of Aegle Folia versus individualized homeopathic medicine in management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 2021
Dr.Megha Vyas DR. ASHOK YADAV A comparative study to access the role of Colchicum Autumnale & Lithium Carb in management of Hyperuricemia in cases of Gout. 2021
Dr. Bhavya Jain DR. VIRENDRA CHAUHAN 2022
Dr. Kumkum Sharma DR. VIRENDRA CHAUHAN 2022
Dr. Mansi Saini DR. ASHOK YADAV 2022
Dr. Yashasvi Choudhary DR. ASHOK YADAV 2022