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Ph.D. Scholars List (Faculty - Homoeopathy)

Department Supervisor Name Scholar Name Reg. No. Reg. Year Research Topic Comp. Year
Practice of Medicine Dr. Ashok yadav Abhilasha Dwivedi 2023
Repertary Dr. S.Bidwarkar Anshu 2023
Repertory Dr. S.Bidwarkar Anvesha Yadav 2023
Materia Medica Dr. Vanija Sharma Itika Khatri 2023
Organon Dr. A.N.Mathur Khyati Lakhani 2023
Pharmacy Dr. Pramood Singh Khusboo Yadav 2023
Organon Dr. Ruchi Singh Khyati Prakash 2023
Practice of Medicine Dr. Ashok yadav Neelam Tiwari 2023
Organon Dr. S.M.Sharma Neelima Singh 2023
Pediatrics Dr. Prasoon Chaudhary Neerja Dutgal 2023
Materia Medica Dr. Sonia Tuteja Pooja Dubey 2023
Pediatrics Dr. Prasoon Chaudhary Tanay Vyas 2023
Materia Medica Dr. Jyoti Sharma Vinay Kumar Yadav 2023
Materia Medica Dr. Sonia Tuteja ABDEQUAEM CHIMTHANAWALA HU/2022/1491 2022 Exploratory study to assess the effect of homoeopathy in the treatment of hyperlipediemia and assessing quality of life through SF36
Pediatrics Dr. Prasoon Chaudhary A Nesa HU/2022/1492 2022 To ascertain the efficacy of homoeopathic medicines in the case of recurrent follicular tonsillitis in pediatric age group (5-10 yrs) with the help of tonsillar hypertrophy grading scale - A Clinical study
Organon Dr. S.M.Sharma AMANDEEP KAUR HU/2022/1493 2022 An exploratory study to evaluate the role of constitutionally selected Homoeopathic medicines in treating generalised anxiety disorder using GAD 7 Scale in post pandemic era.
Organon Dr.A.N.Mathur BHARTI SINGHAL HU/2022/1494 2022 Effectiveness of ?Individualised Homoeopathic medicine?vis-?-vis ?Pathological Simile? in PCOS using PCOS Tool.
Pharmacy Dr. Pramod Singh CHANDAN MOOLCHANDANI HU/2022/1495 2022 An Exploratory study to assess the role of Homoeopathic medicine in celiac disease.
Practice of Medicine Dr. Ashok Yadav DEEPALI SONI HU/2022/1496 2022 Exploring the scope of Homoeopathic medicine as an adjuvant therapy or stand alone therapy in cases of hypothyroidism-A pre-test ,Post ?test study
Organon Dr. A.N.Mathur FRANKLIN GINO HU/2022/1497 2022 A comparative study to assess the effectiveness of Homoeopathic medicines selected based on totality of symptoms vis-?-vis body language in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases.
Organon Dr.S.M.Sharma ISHITA GANJOO HU/2022/1498 2022 A Randomized control study for assessing the comparative efficacy of Aletris farinosaQ Vis-?-vis individualised Homoeopathic medicine in treatment of leucorrhea in reproductive age group
Organon Dr.Ruchi Singh KAMAL PRATAP SINGH HU/2022/1499 2022 A?comparative?clinical study to assess the effectiveness? of ,?Individualized homoeopathic medicine? vis-a-vis ?Pathological simile? in cases of osteoarthritis (OA) of knee joint on basis of koos scale
Pediatrics Dr. Prasoon Chaudhary LEENA SHARMA HU/2022/1500 2022 Efficacy of Calcarea phosphoricum in lower potency -30c vis-a-vis placebo with auxiliary dietary measures in the management of physiological leucorrhoea in adolescent age group in between 9 to 18 years of age using valvo-vaginal symptoms questionnaire ? A randomised controlled study
Materia Medica Dr. Vanija Sharma NANDINI DADHICH OLD 2022 Clinical evaluation of symptoms of lumbago in colocynth & pulsatilla denoted by ? from Guiding symptoms of our materia medica by C.Hering which are not mentioned in Boerick?s manual of homoeopathic material medica
Materia Medica Dr. Vanija Sharma PRASTUTI JAISWAL OLD 2022 A prospective study to assess the likelihood ratio for keynote symptom ?Aggravation at first movement? of Bacillus sycoccus in management of cervical spondylosis
Repertory Dr. S.Bidwarkar R SAKTHI HU/2022/1501 2022 A Clinical Utility of Boger Boenninghausen?s Characteristics Repertory by Cyrus Maxwell Boger in the Pain Management of Knee Osteoarthritis assessed by KOOS score : Interventional Pre-test , Post test Trial
Organon Dr. Ruchi Singh Sheena Pal OLD 2022 Not fInalised
Practice of Medicine Dr. Ashok Yadav SUDHIR BATRA HU/2022/1502 2022 Randomized control Trial to Explore the efficacy of adjuvant homoeopathy in the treatment of COPD patients: an interventional, prospective study.
Materia Medica Dr. Jyoti Sharma SUMAN CHAUDHARY HU/2022/1503 2022 Efficacy of Homoeopathic medicines in the management of Sciatica assessed by the Numerical Rating Score (NRS)- A Randomized Single Blind Placebo Controlled study
Pharmacy Dr. Pramod Singh SUVEERA BHATIA HU/2022/1504 2022 To Evaluate the effectiveness of Moringa oleifera Q in overweight and obese patients.
Repertory Dr. S. Bidwarkar Swati Pandey HU/2022/1505 2022 Applicability of Polarity analysis in arriving to Homoeopathic similimum in management of hypothyroidism and assessing quality of life through SF-36 questionnaire: A prospective ,[re test -post test,clinical study
Materia Medica Dr. Sonia Tuteja Vasundhara Mehrotra HU/2022/1506 2022 An exploratory study to assess the role of homoeopathic medicine calcarea carb in the management of Vitamin D insufficiency
Materia medica Dr. Vanija Sharma Akansha Maurya HU/2021/1369 2021 A prospective, randomized, single blind study on the clinical effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines ? colchicum autumnal versus constitutional medicines in treatment of gout
Pharmacy Dr.Prasoon Chaudhary Anupam Mukerjee HU/2021/1370 2021 Behavioral characterization and pharmacological validation of the anxiolytic, antidepressant, and sedative-like activities of?causticum?in laboratory animals.
organon Dr.A.N.Mathur Astha Mathur OLD 2021 Effectiveness of Homoeopathic Medicines IN cases of Migrane Disability Assessment Score(MIDAS) and observing ?Hering?s law of cure?during treatment response using Hering?s law assessment tool(HELAT)
Bavya sehgal HU/2021/1380 2021 NOT FINALIZED
pediatrics Dr.Prasoon Chaudhary G.Saravanan HU/2021/1381 2021 Efficacy of Homoeopathic Medicines on Gram-negative bacteria in chronic lower urinary tract infection among the pediatric age group 3-12 yrs.A Prospective single experimental uncontrolled study.
Repertory Dr.S.Bidwrakar Gunnu sridevi HU/2021/1371 2021 comparative efficacy of Homoeopathic management using Murphy repertory on the cognitive development among iron-deficient?anemic adolescent girls of rular areas of Siddipet district,T.S ?A randomized placebo-controlled single-blind trial
Materia medica Dr. Sonia Tuteja Hanuman ram HU/2021/1372 2021 Efficacy of individualized homoeopathic medicines for migraine among adults; Double blind, randomized, placebo controlled clinical trial
organon Dr. S.M.Sharma Narayana Pai.K HU/2021/1373 2021 ?A Single Blinded Randomized Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Homoeopathic Treatment of?Uncomplicated Type 2 Diabetes in Patients of Geriatric Population.
Repertory Dr.S.Bidwrakar Pratibha Rani HU/2021/1374 2021 Assessing the role of homoeopathic medicine in the cases of tinea cruris and tinea corporis using boger boenninghausen's characteristic and repertory - experimental uncontrolled study..
organon Dr.A.N.Mathur Ravi Jain HU/2021/1375 2021 Efficacy of indicated Homoeopathic medicine in the Management of primary Dysmenorrhea using VAS and WALIDD score: a sequential controlled trial"
organon Sarika Pandey HU/2021/1376 2021 An experiment uncontrolled study to assess the role of individualized homoeopathic medicines in fifty millesimal potency in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus
organon Dr. S.M.Sharma Shilpi Agarwal HU/2021/1377 2021 ?A single blind placebo controlled study to assess the role of individualized homoeopathic medicines in improvement of quality of life? in college students suffering from Major depressive disorder using PHQ-9,HDRS and SF-36 scales
Materia medica Dr.Jyoti Sharma Surbhi Khatta HU/2021/1378 2021 A Comparitive study of Rauwolfia serpentina 6c versus indivualized homoeopathic medicine in the management of essential hypertension.
Materia medica Dr.Vanija Sharma Vibha Saxena HU/2021/1379 2021 A prospective randomized placebo controlled open label trial to assess efficacy of homoeopathy in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome
Pediatrics Dr. PrasoonChaudhary Dr. Deepa HU/2020/1269 2020 Exploring the action of Tuberculinum Bovinum in Autism: A Randomized controlled Trail
Repertory Dr. S.Bidwarkar Dr. Hema Thilak HU/2020/1258 2020 Scope of homoeopathic intervention selected using BBCR in the quality of life of women with primary hypothyroidism of reproductive age group: An experimental uncontrolled trial
Materia Medica Dr. Tarkeshwar Jain Dr. Juhi Gupta HU/2020/1266 2020 Designing and assessing usefulness of compendium based on Dr. Hahnemann's therapeutic hints, for homoeopathy clinical practice in public healthcare setup of Madhya Pradesh
Organon Dr.Atul Kumar Singh Dr. Parveen Sultana HU/2020/1260 2020 Role Of Individualised Homoeopathy in the treatment of Female Infertility
Materia Medica Dr. Gaurav Nagar Dr. Ponnam Hima Bindu HU/2020/1261 2020 A correlational study to evaluate the analogousness of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as per DSM-5 to the symptomatology of indicated medicines from homoeopathic material medica (HMM) and to affirm the same through retrospective case series (RCS)
Organon Dr.S.M.Sharma Dr. Riyom Taipodia HU/2020/1262 2020 Scope of indicated homoeopathic medicines in improving the quality of life as assessed by SF 36 amongst post menopausal women with recurrent urinary tract infections : Experimental Uncontrolled Study
Repertory Dr. S.Bidwarkar Dr. Satish Krishna HU/2020/1259 2020 Efficiency of Homoeopathic medicines arrived after generalization of particular rubrics in comparison to summative repertorization from complete repertory in the treatment of typhoid fever. A Quasi experimental clinical trial
Organon Dr. A.N Mathur Dr.Gauri Sharma HU/2020/1268 2020 Single Blind standard treament controlControl Clinical Study to assess the Effectiveness of mercurius cyanatum30c in Reducing Oral Mucositis in patients of Oral Cancer Post-Surgery Post Radiation Therapy
Materia Medica Dr. Vanija Sharma Dr.Krati Varshney HU/2020/1267 2020 A comparative, randomised, open label study of homoeopathy with conventional treatment inthe management of common dental diseases
Pharmacy Dr. Pramod Singh Santanu Mukherjee HU/2020/1263 2020 Efficacy of individualised Homoeopathic Medicine vis-a ?vis homoeopathic medicine prescribe on the basis of particular symptoms in case of chronic adeno tonsillar hypertrophy in children ?A randomised parallel arm study
Materia Medica Dr. Tarkeshwar Jain Dr. Shishir Mathur HU/2020/1264 2020 A single blind placebo controlled study to ascertain the efficacy of individualized homoeopathic medicine in cases of common Migraine
Materia Medica Dr. Tarkeshwar Jain Aman Goel HU/2019/1132 2019 Efficacy of individualized homoeopathic medicine preceded by Cyclosporin 6c (on the basis of tautopathy) on the recovery of Psoriasis- A randomized comparative study 2022
organon Om Prakash Singh HU/2019/1133 2019 Efficacy of individualized homoeopathic medicines in perennial allergic rhinitis: Double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial
organon Dr. S.M.Sharma Archana HU/2019/1134 2019 Efficacy of 50 millesimal potency vis-?-vis centesimal potency in cases of hypothyroidism with respect to Zulewskys Clinical Score- Single blind randomized trial
Repertory Dr. S.Bidwarkar Maga Rija HU/2019/1135 2019 Comparing phytochemical and charecterisation of Tinospora Cordifolia mother tincture(Q) with 6C potency and its action on red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets count & haemoglobin phase 1 trial: An open randomised clinical trial 2023
organon Dr.A.N.Mathur Pradeep Kaur HU/2019/1136 2019 A prospective randomized single blind study to compare the effect of individualized homoeopathic medicine and Arundo Mauritanica in cases of allergic rhinitis in paediatric age group
Repertory Dr.S.Bidwarkar Seema Gupta Sahu HU/2019/1137 2019 Efficacy of Oophorinum vis a vis indicated homoeopathic medicines in polycystic ovary syndrome- A randomized parallel group trial
Materia Medica Dr. Vanija Sharma Sakshi Mehrotra OLD 2019 Role of homoeopathic medicines for improving sleep quality in elder abused and non-abused geriatric patients- A randomized single blind comparative trial 2022
organon Dr. Atul Kumar Singh Shivangi Kansal OLD 2019 Randomized single-blind placebo controlled trial for studying the efficacy of homoeopathic treatment on computer vision syndrome
practice of medicine Dr. Shishir mathur Ajeet Kumar Singh HU/1018/1007 2018 Evaluating the efficacy of indicated homoeopathic medicine as an adjuvant therapy in the management of acute encephalitis- a randomized control trial 2022
Materia Medica Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain Ashish Mahajan HU/2018/1002 2018 Efficacy of adjuvant homoeopathic intervention vis-?-vis conventional intervention in the treatment of primary hypothyroidism- a prospective, single blind, randomized controlled trial
Organon Dr.Atul Kumar Singh Bhattaram Aruna HU/2018/1006 2018
Materia Medica Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain Jyoti Sharma HU/2018/1003 2018 Efficacy of constitutional homoeopathic intervention in subclinical hypothyroidism- a prospective randomized single blind placebo controlled clinical trial 2021
practice of medicine Dr. Shishir mathur Meenakshi Shriwas HU/2018/1008 2018 Efficacy of individualized homoeopathic medicines for management of mild to moderate depression in perimenopausal women- an experimental control trial 2023
Materia Medica Dr.C.B.Nayak Monika Srivastava HU/2018/1004 2018 Efficacy of homoeopathic intervention along with psychotherapy in the treatment of major depressive disorder in adults: A prospective single blind randomized placebo controlled trial 2022
Repertory Dr. Ashok Binda Nidhi Tiwari HU/2018/1009 2018 Prospective Comparative Study Of Centesimal & LM Potency In Management Of Bronchial Asthma with the aid of kent repertory 2022
Repertory Dr. Ashok Binda Rajeev Bhaiya Maurya HU/2018/1010 2018 A Study to assess the role of Boger Boenninghausen's characterstic repertory (BBCR) v/s Boericke's Repertory in the Treatment of Hemorrhoids. 2022
Materia Medica Dr. Sonia Tuteja Tanvir Hussain HU/2018/1005 2018 Efficay of homoeopathic medicines in the improvement of quality of life of carcinoma patients : A prospective, experimental, non-controlled trial 2023
organon Dr. Atul Kumar Singh Ashish Kumar Dixit 2018 NOT fInalised
Organon Of Medicine Dr.Atul Kumar Singh Amandeep HU/2017/0886 2017 Individualized Homoeopathy in Management of Hyperuricemia in Primary Gout: A Randomized Single Blind Placebo Controlled Study 2020
organon Dr.Atul Kumar Singh Amar Bodhi HU/2017/0887 2017 Randomized clinical trial of indicated homoeopathic medicines in fifty millesimal potencies Vis- a-vis Centicimal Potencies in the management of essential hypertension 2022
Materia Medica Dr.C.B.Nayak Anit Acharya old 2017 Evaluating the efficacy of Baryta Muriaticum vis-a-vis Individualized Homoeopathic Medicine in Management of Dyslipidemia 2020
organon Dr.Atul Kumar Singh Kathika Chattopadhyay HU/2017/0888 2017 Effectiveness of Individualised Homoeopathic Medicines in cases of Generalized Anxiety Disorders and observing ?Hering?s law of order? during treatment response 2022
Practice of Medicine Dr.Shishir Mathur Puja Singh HU/2017/0889 2017 Exploring use of Homoeopathic Medicine ?Eucalyptus Globulus? in the Management of Perennial Allergic Rhinitis ? A Prospective Single Blind Placebo Controlled Study. 2020
Practice of Medicine Dr.Shishir Mathur Punit Srivastava HU/2017/0890 2017 Efficacy of Homeopathic Medicine in Treatment of Nocturnal Enuersis in Children of age group 6-12 years:A Placebo controlled Single blind clinical study
Organon Of Medicine Rajesh Kumar Meena old 2017 efficacy of the homoeopathic remedies in the treatment of autism: a Dandomized placebo controlled clinical trial 2023
Materia Medica Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain Rukshin F. Master HU/2017/0891 2017 Efficacy of Homoeopathic Remedies in the Treatment of Autism ? A Randomised Placebo Controlled clinical trial. 2022
Repertory Dr. Ashok Binda Ujjwal Khatta HU/2017/0892 2017 Comparative study of Berberis Vulgaris Mother Tincture Versus Constitutional Medicine in the Management of Renal Calculi 2021
organon Dr.D.Dadhich Abhishek Bhardwaj HU/2016/0759 2016 The effectiveness of Homoeopathic Medicine in 30 and 200 potencies prescribed on the basis of totality of symptoms in the cases of primary nocturnal enuresis in the childrens
M.M. Dr.C.B.Nayak Anupam Kumar Shrivastava HU/2016/0760 2016 Effectiveness of Homoeopathic treatment of Dorsalgia with mental symptoms as conomitants or modalities or causation 2019
Repertory Dr.Ashok Binda Karthikeyan R R HU/2016/0763 2016 A Comparative Study of RauwolfiaSerpentina Mother Tincture and the Similimum Obtained From Synthesis Repertory In LM Potency on Essential Hypertention ? A Experimental Non Randomized Study 2020
M.M. Dr.C.B.Nayak Lily Jain HU/2016/0762 2016 The effectiveness of Individualized Homoeopathic Medicines Compared With Symptomatic Conventional Treatment In the Management of Primary Dysmenorrhea in Young Unmarried Female: A Randomized Open ?Lable Controlled Clinical study 2020
M.M. Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain ManaliTyagi HU/2016/0761 2016 Clinical Verification of the symptoms of Headache in School Going Children of CalcareaPhos.,Natrum Mur and Phosphoric Acid Taken from Hering Guiding Symptoms Which Are Not Mentioned/ Given Importance in Allen?s Keynotes. 2021
M.M. Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain Nishant Kumar HU/2016/0762 2016 Role of Homoeopathic Medicines in the Treatment of Cases of Vitiligo- A Placebo Controlled Single Blind Study. 2019
Practice of Medicine Dr.Shishir Mathur Ruchira Sharma HU/2016/063 2016 Effectiveness of Homoeopathic Medicines in cases of Polycystic Ovrian Syndrome and its influence on quality of life :An open randomized Placebo Controlled Trial 2020
Organon of medicine Dr.Sangeeta Jain Sangeeta Jain HU/2016/0764 2016 Effectiveness of Homoeopathic Medicines In Cases of Stress Urinary Incontinence In Parous Women of Reproductive Age Group ? A Randomised Controlled Study.
Practice of Medicine Dr.Shishir Mathur Satya Prakash Rai HU/2016/0765 2016 A Single Blind Placebo Controlled Study to Evaluate Effectiveness of Homoeopathic Medicine ?Argentum Nitricum? In The Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 2022
Organon of Medicine Dr.A.N.Mathur Sudhir Sharma HU/2016/0766 2016 A pilot study on effectiveness of Individualized Homoeopathy(IH)Vs. Tribulus t.(TT) in treatment of Oligozoospermia ? A Randomized , Comparative Trial.
Organon Of Medicine Dr. S.M.Singh Dr. Manpreet Kaur 2015 Clinical verification of symptoms of pulsatilla nigricans obtained from its administration to sick individual 2019
Repertory Dr.Ramjee singh Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta 2015 A single blindRandomized placebo-Controlled trial toassess the efficacy of homoeopathic similimum in hypertensive patients using kents repertory. 2021
Materia Medica Dr.C.B.Nayak Dr. Suman Bagchi 2015 Assessment of likeliwood ratio for four contact dermatitis sympotoms of vinca minor 2019
Repertory Dr. Ashok Binda Dr. Rajesh Kumar Kumawat 2015 Thyroidinum3x Vs.Constitutional Homoeopathic Medicine In Cases Of Hypothyroidism : A Randomized Controlled Single Blind Clinical Trail. 2019
Materia Medica Dr. Tarkeshwar Jain Dr. Ankit Dubey 2015 Effectiveness of Homoeopathic Constitutonal Medicines in Iron Defeciency ANEMIA :Arandomized single blind controlled study 2019
Materia Medica Dr. V.K.Gupta Dr. Chetna Deep Lamba 2015 Validation Of Modified Naranjo?sCriteria For The Establishment Of Causal (Cause Effect)Relationship Of Homoeopathic Intervention And Clinical Outcome Through Case Reports 2018
Materia Medica Dr.V.K.Gupta Dr. Nidhi Mahajan 2015 Exploratory study to identify and categories the symptoms of polychrest Homoeopathic medicine as per the DSM-V criteria for personality disorders. 2018
organon Dr.D.Dadhich M. Ilayaraja HU/2015/0625 2015 Evaluation of effectiveness of 30 and 1M potencies of homoeopathic medicines in the treatment of acute diarrhoea 2020
Materia Medica Dr.Ramjee singh Dr. Sunirmal Sarkar 2015 A Retrospective Study To Compare The Mean Survival Time With Expected Survival Of Cancer Cases On Homoeopathic Intervention 2019
Practice Of Medicine Dr. R.Kochar Dr. Abha Agrawal 2015 The Comparison Of Hydrangea Arborescens Mother Tincture and 200C Potency In Urolithiasis for Size Reduction And Removal Of Stones 2021
Pharmacy Dr.S.Bidwarkar Dr. Ruchi Mehta 2015 A Single Blind Trial Of Estrogen 3C In Dealing With Menopause 2019
Practice Of Medicine Dr. R.Kochar Dr. Jakiya Jahan 2015 A Single Blind ,Placebo Controlled Study To Evaluate The Significance Of Homoeopathic Medicine Thiosinaminum 3X In The Management Of High Blood Cholesterol Level 2021
Materia Medica Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain Deepti Gupta HU/2015/0618 2015 Assessment of the role of homoeopathic treatment as an adjuvant therapy for management of grade II pressure ulcers in spinal cord injured patients: A double blind, randomized, controlled study 2020
Materia Medica Dr.C.B.Nayak Dr. Jerin J.P. 2015 To Study The Efficacy Of FerrumMetallicum 30ch In Restoring The Menstrual Cycle In Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ? 2020
Repertory Dr.Ashok Binda Dr. Prassana Devi 2015 A Randomized Clinical Study To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Homoeopathic Medicines For The Management Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder By Using LM Potency With The Help Of Kents Repertory 2021
Pediatrics Dr. M.Sahni Dr. Smita Babulal Thakkar 2015 Acute Respiratory Disease In Childhood: Present Understanding And Prospects Of Homoeopathic Treatment
Pediatrics Dr. M.K.Sahni Dr. Praveen Kumar Pathak 2015 Effectiveness Of Homoeopathic Medicine In Case Of Dermatitis In Children Of 4-14 Year Of Age. 2021
Practice of medicine Dr.Shishir Mathur Dr Sinsen Joseph 2015 Asingle blind placebo controlled study on the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines in the treatment of cases with elevated HbA1c 2022
Practice of Medicine Dr.Shishir Mathur Dr. Zunnun Ali 2015 An Open Labelled 26 Weeks Study To Evaluate Usefulness Of AmmiVisnaga As A Bronchial Antispasmodic In Mild To Moderate Cases Of Bronchial Asthma 2021
Pharmacy Dr.D.K.Goyal Dr. Chauhan Sudhir Shyam Vachan 2015 A Single Blind , Comparative Study To Evaluate The Efficacy Of NyctanthesArbortristis 30 C Prepared From Seeds In Cases Of tiniea corporis and tinea cruris. 2020
Organon Of Medicine Dr.A.N.Mathur Dr.R.Samaran 2015 Evaluation of the Antidotal Effect of Coffee Intake in Homoeopathy With Plant Remedies in The Treatment of Cases of Vasomotor Rhinitis ? A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. 2020
Paediatrics Dr. M.K.Sahni Dr.G.R. Jayasri 2015 observational study to evaluate response to homoeopathic treatment in chronic tonsillitis in paediatric age group 2021
Swant Ranjan 2015 not finalized
S. Senthil Kumaran HU/2015/0622 2015 not finalized
K. Alamarselvan HU/2015/0620 2015 not finalised
Arvind Kumar Verma 2014 not finaliszed
Amitabh Joshi 2014 not finaliszed
Materia Medica Dr.Gaurav Nagar Dinesh Kumar Yadav 2014 Homoeopathy and Obesity: A study based on BMI evidence 2022
Materia Medica Dr. Tarkeshwar Jain Kamlandra Tyagi 2014 To explore the role of individualized Homoeopathic intervention and predefined remedies in the management of grades of primary hypertension between the age group 45-60 in Jaipur based population ? An Experimental study Apr-55
Materia Medica Dr. Tarkeshwar Jain Nandini Sharma 2014 Double blind randomized control study on the efficacy of Homoeopathic medicine in obesity 2017
Materia Medica Dr. C.B.Nayak Nivedita Pattanaik 2014 Assessment of hypoglycemic effect of Homoeopathic drug Insulinum in the patients suffering from uncomplicated type 2 diabetes mellitus ? A Prospective observational study 2017
Materia Medica Dr. C.B.Nayak Purnima Shukla 2014 Homoeopathic management ,As an ?Add on therapy? to mitigate adverse effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy in breast carcinoma: A randomized double blind placebo controlled study 2019
organon Dr. Dilip Dadhich Dr P Cheramannan HU/2014/0495 2014 To find out the effectiveness of 30 and 1M potencies of Homoeopathic Medicines in the Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis in its Acute phase
Materia Medica Dr. V.K.Gupta Rupinder kaur 2014 To Assess The Usefulness Of Lithium Carbonicum In Cases Of Gout.
Materia Medica Dr.F.J.Master S.S.Rahman 2014 Homoeopathic treatment in the management of dyslipidaemia
Organon Dr. A.N.Mathur Dr. M.Prakash Rao 2014 Asingle blind controlled parallel arm Study to evaluate the efficacyof different potencies of Rhustoxicodendron in rheumatoid arthritis on the basis of immunological parameters. 2022
Reportary Dr. J.D. Daryani Subhash Kaushik 2014 Homoeopathy and insulin resistance in diabetic population : A placebo controlled comparative trial 2017
Materia Medica Dr. V.K.Gupta Suruchi Sharda 2014 To Evaluate Clinically The Effectiveness Of Focus VesiculosusQ In Management Of Obesity : A Prospective Comparative Study Based On Anthropometric Indicators
Reportary Dr. Ramji Singh Vinod Sangwan 2014 Comparative study of Thyroidinum in 6 C Potency vs Contitutional Medicine in Management of Hyperthyroidism.
Repertory Dr J D Daryani A.Palaniammal 2013 Ascertaining the effectiveness of Homoeopathic treatment in the management of mood swings in premenopausal women 2016
Organon Ashish Kumar Jaiswal HU/2013/0351 2013 not finaliszed
Materia Medica Dr. Jyoti Sharma Ajit Prakash Diwedi 2013 Evaluate the effectiveness of homoeopathic medicine Nux vomica in the management of ulcerative colitis -Asingle blind Placebo controlled study 2022
Repertory Dr.S.Bidwarkar Anil Kumar Sharma 2013 Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in mentally retarded children: A placebo controlled, randomized double blind trial with Homoeopathic medicines 2022
Organon Dr. A.N.Mathur Anupam Kumar 2013 Role of Alloxan 30 in modifying insulin sensitivity in cases of Diabetes mellitus 2017
Organon Dr. S.M.Singh Girish Gupta 2013 An evidence based study on cases of polycystic ovarian disease in response to Homoeopathic medicines 2016
Repertory Dr.S.Bidwarkar Hari Singh Chaurasia 2013 Role of Homoeopathic medicine in the management of bleeding Haemorroids 2022
Repertory Dr. J.D. Daryani M.Ravindran 2013 Managing hyperlipidaemia in high risk groups through constitutional Homoeopathic intervention thereby preventing CHD 2016
Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy. Dr.S.M.Singh Dr. Md.Qutubuddin HU/2013/0360 2013 Efficacyof Individualized Homoeopathy in bronchial asthama in. 2019
Materia Medica Dr.C.B.Nayak N.R. Jaya Kumar 2013 Efficacy of Homoeopathic therapy in the pain management of cervical spondylosis- A prospective, randomized, single blind placebo controlled clinical trial 2017
Repertory Dr.S.K.Tiwari Rufus Nathaniel 2013 A clinical study on Malaria and its Homoeopathic management 2016
Materia Medica Dr. C.B.Nayak S.S.Mohapatra 2013 Comparative effectiveness of 50-millesemal vis-a-vis centisemal scale of potency in the treatment of moderate depression - A prospective randomized parallel group trial 2018
Materia Medica Dr. Tarkeshwar Jain Soniya Tuteja 2013 A randomized placebo controlled parallel group study to evaluate efficacy and safety of Homoeopathic medicine in patients with rheumatoid arthritis 2016
materia medica Dr.F.J.Master Suseela Rufus 2013 Effectiveness of Homoeopathic management in patients with urolithiatic pain 2016

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