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Message From Chairperson

Dear All,

It is my pleasure to welcome you on this enlightening journey through our digital platform.

We firmly believe that every individual who steps through our doors possesses unique potential and talent waiting to be nurtured and honed. At Homoeopathy University, we strive to provide a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where students from diverse backgrounds can flourish, exchange ideas, and develop their skills to become compassionate, competent, and socially responsible healthcare professionals.

At Homoeopathy University, we are driven by a shared passion to make a positive impact on society, one healing touch at a time. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom walls, as we actively engage with the community, promoting health awareness and providing access to quality homoeopathic care.

I encourage you to explore our website and learn more about the vibrant and nurturing learning environment that Homoeopathy University offers. We invite you to become a part of our family, joining hands in our pursuit of excellence, innovation, and compassionate healthcare.

Thank you for visiting our website, and I hope you find the information and inspiration you seek.

Wishing you all the best on your journey of exploration and growth.

Message From President

Dear Students,

It is my immense pleasure as well as privilege to be a part of the university dedicated to the cause of Homeopathy. I take pride in taking you through a quick glimpse of this esteemed university through this message.

Although this university has come into being relatively recently, the learned stalwarts, who envisaged the foundation of this university and have been instrumental in shaping it up as we see it today, require no introduction. I salute each one of them for their vision and contribution to the university and to Homoeopathy, at large.

This first-of-its-kind university in the world offers the right blend of high end academic activities, hands-on clinical exposure and contemporary training in research. The institution has won worldwide accolades and recognition for establishing this setup with the unique purpose of strengthening the educational framework in Homeopathy. We are committed to produce competent and skilled doctors who are taught by highly talented faculties of the campus.In this state-of-the-art premises, our students are exposed to stimulating deliberations during Case presentations/Seminars and interactive sessions. The carefully designed curricula and extra curricula for B.H.M.S., M.D. and Ph.D. courses not only groom the students with adequate academic and technical acumen, but at the same time make them think out of the box, eventually metamorphosing them into accomplished professionals.

I am confident, with the active participation of the staff and students, we can achieve excellence in homoeopathic education, research and practice, under the umbrella of this University.

Message From Registrar

Dear Viewers,

We have embarked on this journey of Homoeopathy University providing various medical & Para-medical courses.

We offer you well structured, planned and perfectly scheduled courses of all disciplines related to Homoeopathy, life sciences & Para medical stream. We, at university, would promise to foster a supportive and vibrant learning environment where faculty, students and professionals cherish a mutual commitment to research and public service.

Homoeopathy would unfold a new chapter by serving humanity and creating a bridge of collaterals efforts with other system of medicine.

"Intelligence plus character--that is the goal of true education."-Martin Luther King, Jr.

With this, I would like to extend warm welcome to the university and may we have a long lasting association.

Hope this website will provide you all the essential information. We promise to update it periodically with latest news and information about Homoeopathy and University.

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