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Homeopathic Theory

  • Introduction to the Organon - Commentary and explanation of the main paragraphs of the Organon.- Dr.Jayesh, Mumbai
  • Understanding the human being (at mental, physical & spiritual level) and Totality – Dr.Jayesh, Mumbai
  • Practical application of Homeopathy on live cases and their follow ups – Dr.Farokh J Master, Mumbai

 Understanding the laws of cure

  • The law of Similar and its implications. Other applications of the law.
  • The dynamics of the disease.
  • Dynamic action on vital force of medicines and disease.
  • The symptoms & comparative value of symptoms.
  • The suppressions of symptoms - diseases and how they occur.
  • ( All by Dr.Jayesh, Mumbai)

The Homeopathic Remedies

  • What they are & how they are prepared – Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain, Jaipur
  • Primary and secondary action of drugs - Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain, Jaipur
  • The making of a complete Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia: the so called Materia Medica - Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain, Jaipur
  • Preparation of Homeopathic drugs - Potentisation and Trituration - Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain, Jaipur

Case taking

  • How to take a case and evaluation of the information- Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain, Jaipur
  • The need and the importance of the underlining of symptoms - Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain, Jaipur
  • Practical application by live exercises - Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain, Jaipur
  • The psychological aspect of both the patient and the doctor in the case taking process – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Following up answers and double-checking – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • The different aspects of Taking an Acute or a Chronic case – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • The importance of observation: Manner, posture, expressions, personality, physiognomy – Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain


  • The optimum conditions for a successful homeopathic prescription- Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Constitutional prescription Acute (specific) prescribing – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Tissue and organ system prescribing – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Strategies for tackling a case – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Record keeping – Dr.Jayesh
  • First prescription – Dr.Jayesh
  • Repetition of dose - importance of waiting – Dr.Jayesh
  • Choosing the correct potency for every case- Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain
  • The Homeopathic Aggravation - in time - in intensity - in length – Dr.Jayesh
  • Antidoting homeopathic remedies, adverse reactions – Dr.Jayesh

 Second prescription

  • Evaluation of the first prescription – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • All the rules pertaining to the second prescription – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Prescribing on a superficial or on a deeper level, the meaning and the need of such prescriptions – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Practical illustration of Herring’s law of cure and Kent’s observations – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • When such prescriptions are right or when they are wrong – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • The dynamics within the family after a correct homeopathic prescription – Dr.Farokh J Master

 Theory of the miasms

  • Importance of miasms & different miasms – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Origin of miasms – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Description of miasms – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Practical demonstration of miasm in dealing a case – Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain
  • Practical application of Hahnemanian theory of Chronic miasm – Dr.Jayesh

 Management of Acute & Chronic cases  

  • The Management and the evaluation of acute & chronic diseases- Dr.Jayesh
  • Acute & chronic prescribing – Dr.Jayesh
  • Evaluation and prognosis of the different chronic diseases according to Homeopathy – Dr.Jayesh


  • Various Homeopathic Repertories – Dr.Jayesh
  • Structure of the Homeopathic repertory such as Kent's, Knerr's Boenninghausen, Allen, Clark, Roberts, and Synthesis etc – Dr.Jayesh
  • The computer repertories – Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain
  • Origin of rubrics – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Grading of remedies – Dr.Jayesh
  • Comparison of rubrics – Dr.Farokh J Master

 Homeopathic Materia Medica

  • How to study the Materia Medica – Dr.Farhad
  • Psychosomatic language of disease and its application in Homeopathic Practice – Dr.Farhad
  • Applied aspect of Materia Medica – Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain
  • Live Materia Medica – Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain
  • Comparison of remedies within particular rubrics – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Polychrest and lesser-proven remedies – Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain and Dr.Farhad
  • Practical hints for finding the correct remedy – Dr.K.C.Bhinda

Attention to:

  • General instructions about remedies for handling, administration etc  - Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain
  • Interfering substances – Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain
  • Use of no medicine/Placebos – Dr.Tarkeshwar Jain
  • Role of family members/Friends in case taking – Dr.Farokh J Master
  • Homoeopathic limitations – Dr.Farokh J Master

FEE FOR THE MODULE: Euro 800 or USD 1000 (Minimum 20 Students)


University provides:

1.     Certificate for course

2.     Highly qualified and experienced faculty

3.     Complete course set up

4.     Accommodation (Twin Sharing )

5.     Food for all times (Vegetarian only )

6.     Study material

7.     Hospital exposure – OPD/IPD

8.     Local transport

9.     Sightseeing etc.


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