Chairperson`s Message


Message from Chairperson

Dear Viewers,

I most heartily welcome you to this web site of the Homoeopathy, University, Jaipur

Even if I were to ransack all the treasuries of human languages I fear I should fail to discover words of adequate power to express my feelings in acknowledging your joining us to know about us. This Website will provide information, interactive tools and success stories of the case studies of patients besides creating more awareness among people about Homoeopathy through the knowledge the University shall impart.

The Interaction between Faculty Members and Students; Medical Professional and Patients; Books and Presentations all combined will acquaint the viewers with our Cherished Goal which is to create a Center of Excellence in Homoeopathic Studies of Global standard.

This website will also fulfil the objectives of the Act and the wishes of people`s representatives, expressed in the House of Legislature who with one voice passed an Act establishing World`s First Homoeopathy University at Jaipur.

I am confident this brilliant and memorable effort will help you in knowing all we intend to convey. My best wishes.

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